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How to become a member

Membership in the Perception and Performance Technical Group is open to everyone who shares the PPTG’s interests, regardless of whether they are HFES members or not. Everyone is welcome to join. We currently have more than 400 active members in the PPTG. Your only obligation as a member of the PPTG is to pay your annual dues per calendar year to HFES. It is easy to join online from the Technical Groups page of HFES, where you may select the appropriate link to apply as a member or non-member of HFES.

Benefits of membership

As a member of the PPTG, you can send and receive messages over our listserv (, and join and participate in our social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  These and our PPTG website help foster communications among our members – providing interesting, useful, and time-sensitive information. You will also be able to participate in elections and nominate or serve as officers of the PPTG.

During the annual meetings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the PPTG sponsors 5-9 technical sessions, special symposia, and sometimes helps sponsor invited lectures by well-known researchers on topics within the scope of the PPTG’s mission. The PPTG also periodically sponsors student grants, and financial awards for the best student submissions to the PPTG program at the annual meeting.

Whom to contact for questions

You can contact any officer of the PPTG if you have questions about how to become a member, would like more information about the PPTG, or any other questions you might have pertaining to the information on this site. You can find the list of current officers of the PPTG here.