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    If we are to use computing systems safely, effectively, and intuitively, we must understand the cognitive processes that modulate visual search. Please, post anything related to how visual saliency theory might translate into making interfaces easier to search.



    Visual saliency models provide a means to capture stimulus-driven properties that are not apparent to designers. Are you interested in developing a manuscript or grant involving visual saliency, but need an expert? If so, please drop me an e-mail!


    Erin Alves

    Excellent topic!

    On the sub-topic of applying visual saliency modeling & evaluation to web design…

    Here’s an interesting recent study which evaluates a computational model (Masciocchi and Still, 2013) for predicting visual fixations, and looks at the impact of visual saliency on fixations in simple webpages:

    And another which evaluates the same model on smaller mobile devices:



    Thanks for sharing, Erin! 🙂

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