Student Research Award Winners!!

I’m proud to announce the winners of our 2018 PPTG Student Research Contest… In no particular order:

* The Most Innovative Student Research Award went to
Brittany Neilson, Dmitrii Paniukov & Martina I. Klein, for “A Preliminary Assessment of the Robustness of Signal Detection Theory Estimates Using Monte Carlo Simulations for Human Factors Professionals”

* The Most Practical Student Research Award went to Yulin Deng, David Kaber & Edward P. Fitts, for “Effect of Vehicle Control Format on Driver Performance and Attention Allocation under Adaptive Cruise Control”

* The Best Presentation Award went to Federico Scholcover, for “Timing and Physiological Arousal: Implications for Human Performance”

A big thank you to our PPTG Program Chair, Bob King and our PPTG Sec/Treasurer, Rebecca Grier for reviewing the student work this year! We had a LOT of great student papers this year and it was a pleasure to review them. Thanks for making this such an interesting and exciting Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to the winners!!!